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Ascendancy Planning – Our Financial Planners take care of many Australian families and individuals ensuring the right financial planning advice is provided. Our advice first and foremost is practical and easy to understand – providing peace of mind and confidence – from the start.

Personal Attention

We get to know our clients well.That's how we deliver a personal service. When you call, you talk directly to us; not to a call centre. Your financial advice is provided by YOUR financial planner, they will take the time to understand you and your requirements .

Confidential Service

Financial Planning can be a delicate topic even in the family. We adhere to strict policies to safeguard your information and protect your privacy.

Tailored Investment Strategies

Our investment strategies are tailored to your individual circumstances to ensure you receive maximum benefit and your expectations are met.

Investment Advice

We have a wide range of investment products and services we can recommend. We ensure that any product is backed by sound research and is best suited to meet your financial goals.

Administration Services

After we have provided you with your investment advice, we can provide first class administration services that allow you to track and monitor the performance of your investments.

Individual Support

Personal, ongoing, individual support. At Ascendancy Planning, we won't treat you like just another file number. You benefit from being able to contact our team at any time – you won't be directed to a call centre or have to deal with "nameless nobodies".

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

We have SMSF specialists that can provide you with SMSF advice. This includes establishment advice where the advisor will work with you to determine if a SMSF is suitable for you.

Personal Insurance

We believe that having adequate insurance cover is a must. However we balance this with the day to day cost for an event that might not happen. By the time you take out insurance you will be happy with the level of cover and the cost you will be paying.


Ascendancy Planning – We have been authorised to provide financial and investment advice by Bluewater Financial Advisors Pty Ltd AFSL 411846. Our team of highly trained and specialist advisors are able to develop customised solutions that will set you on your path to financial freedom.

Investment Property

We believe that investment property, as part of a diversified portfolio, can really enhance the returns overall. We will provide you with an opinion as to whether property is suitable for you based on your risk profile.

You will need to select your own property as we do not sell property and we are not associated with property developers.

Accounting & Tax

When it comes to accounting and taxation you should enlist the help of qualified experts. If you do not have your own accounting and tax expert, Ascendancy Planning can refer you to their preferred accountant, tax agent and SMSF expert - Strategic Super.

Strategic Super will ensure that you receive the correct tax advice for your investments and other tax matters. Strategic Super and Ascendancy Planning work closely together so you don't have to supply information more than once. Click on Strategic Super's logo to go to their website.

Fee for Service

Ascendancy Planning only charges fees for the services it provides. Except for personal insurance, we do not receive or pay any commissions or referral fees.

Our fees start from $1,100 and we will always agree on the fee prior to starting any work. This gives you certainty and allows you to budget for your financial planning advice.

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